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The Artist

Nico GoosenNico is an accomplished and versatile vocalist who’s singing ability has been likened to be a mix of Josh Groban and our very own Nataniel. Performing on stages around South Africa since the age of 7, has provided an advanced amount of experience and professionalism when he performs.

Nico G is a fantastic song-writer and besides writing and composing for his vocal student Nico will release his first full Afrikaans album in 2017. Keep an eye on his Facebook page for developments and release dates – this album is heart-wrenchingly beautiful in its South African sense of love, passion and enthusiasm for, well … Being a true South African! Songs such as “Straatkind”, “Song vir ons Land” and “Vergeet en Vergewe” will touch your soul whilst also getting you up and dancing, sokkie styl. Geniet!

Here are two videos of earlier songs and performances by Nico – The Artist which provide inspiration of his incredible talent and vocal ability and shows why he is such a sought after professional vocal coach!

One Night Only – Nico G in rehearsal

Nico G Live on stage.

In 2017 Nico teamed up with the very talented South African songstress, Marlene Schalkwyk to form the duet group called “Naweek”.

Naweek - Nico G & Marlene Schalkwyk
Ons kan nie wag vir die Naweek nie! Dis ‘Naweek’! Amper Naweek mense!

Ons kan baie fantastiese liedjies verwag van hierdie twee sangers. Pret, Talent en fantastiese liedjies en verhoog aanbieding soon nooit tevore!
Hulle eerste amptelike ‘DUET’ “NaWEEK” gaan binnekort beskibaar wees – onthou om die hashtag #naweek te gebruik!


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