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Nico is continuously upgrading his skills through connection and work with international vocal coaches in order to be able to train his classes in the very best vocal and performance techniques utilized by mega-performing artists such as Rihanna, Michael Buble and Mariah Carey to name a few.

As a professional vocal and performance coach Nico’s commitment to teaching is his respect for the uniqueness of each individual voice – to strengthen vocal power and ability using specific focal points to enhance each individuals achievable potential. The points of focus in his teaching truly honours the unique gift of each voice. His methodology, exercises and combined scientifically proven coaching techniques are used to enhance and bring out the best.

He teaches that to honour the individual strengths of your unique voice and to use them to enhance the material you present and perform is to understand your passions and objectives in communicating with and serving your audience. These are your focal points for optimizing your vocal strengths.

This positive attitude of using your unique vocal and individual gifts to serve others will give you peace and purpose through the rough patches and smooth stretches of your singing and vocal career. It will help you press on past any unexpected blocks that will creep up occasionally on your journey to true vocal freedom and success.

He coaches on how to stay committed and bring out your best while serving others. You can do this by investing in Nico’s classes, programs and workshops facilitated by this master coach. Nico’s teaching and the support you receive will assist you in honouring your strengths by nurturing and engaging them. He’ll tell you not to hide or shortchange yourself or your gifts. How to keep learning, improve your craft, review the basics, and not be afraid to step out and try something new.