Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What singing style do you teach?

As a Vocal Coach I don’t teach any particular style of singing, it’s more a case of me educating you to learn how to master the principles of vocal “muscle memory”, which causes our body to produce excellent sound, amplification, and control with increased stamina to predictably deliver better and better results over time! It’s rather like a well-conditioned athlete who may develop the increasing ability to play many different sports, a well-trained singer has the potential to sing many different styles.

How do I know if I can really sing?

I’ll often agree that some people are more gifted singers than others, but it’s a proven fact that there are many diverse voices out there. Anyone can learn how to sing if they are prepared to put the work in. As a Master Vocal Coach however, my role in my students’ life is to teach them to master their vocal abilities and begin to increase those abilities to a point where they have transformed from a ‘singer’ into a master performer. This takes immense commitment and dedication from any student. Think Bigger than just being a singer!

Can any level of Singer benefit from your classes?

My vocal classes will bring benefit to any singer, whether one is a child, adult, or a beginner, or whether you’re an advanced or already a professional singer. My classes are also not only for singers, they are also for others. For example; my online webinar classes such as “Excellence in Performance” attract actors, teachers, salesmen, coaches, telemarketers, auctioneers, and business executives who may need to be on stage and use their vocal abilities a great deal. As a Master Vocal Coach, I can say that there truly aren’t any ‘new’ voice problems coming up, there are just individual ones that may need to be addressed at any one time. Once we have worked through each issue then we can see how much easier it is to be able to achieve our goals with a safe, systematic and professional approach.

If I’m already singing, then why do I need a Master Vocal Coach Singer?

That depends on your own vision for yourself as a singer but generally speaking you need a profession vocal coach for the same reason that natural athletes have their own coaches. It is only when natural talent is nurtured and combined with systematic training and preparation that the best comes out. In addition, proper preparation also minimizes potential injuries. The very top celebrity singers still have their own personal vocal coach and they keep on improving and increasing their own vocal abilities all the time, which is why they continue to make it in this industry. Practice makes perfect, and more practice takes that perfection to a new level.

How often do I need to practice?

Most singers find that 45 minutes at a time is a good length of practice time unless you’re actually working on a song. A shorter window of time for focused work is better than long sessions where you are constantly distracted. My classes are also not the time to come and practice your singing. You need to be warmed up and ready to learn what has been set out for you in each class and come back the following week having fully practiced and understood what needs to have been done before we can commence. I will often take my own practice and education late into an evening. Discipline is a very necessary component of any vocalists’ life – they need to practice consistently and properly.

How long does it take to become a better singer?

While growing your singing skills is a process, it is possible to hear and feel measurable results in only a few days, if the practice and dedication is there! It’s obvious that the more one commits to practicing what one is learning, then the better one will become. There’s a saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but every brick laid increased their progress toward their goal. As a Master Vocal Coach, I can only lay that next brick when ‘the cement’ from a previous class has been set into place so the answer to this question really depends on when, who and how you decide that you truly want to be a singer.

What if I’m not the disciplined type, can I still learn to sing properly?

If you have a passion to sing, it will create sufficient discipline within so that you can learn to sing better. If you pay attention to the training and take it to heart and listen carefully, you’ll learn something new and be able to put it into practice with minimal effort. While the old saying “you get what you put into it” is true, you don’t have to endure hours and hours each day in order to obtain your desired results. You just need a good plan and stick with it! Results come from being dedicated and committed to achieving the best that one can be.

People say I either mumble or sound too mechanical when I sing. What can I do?

Good diction and pronunciation is necessary in order to be able to produce a great vocal ability for any style of music. We must also learn to deliver a message with each song we perform. We can learn all this in a fun but detailed and practical way. As you begin to understand the principles it will also help with pitch, blend and tone quality. Breath control is one of the major abilities that need to be developed. It will take a little understanding of your body’s mechanics followed by the right kind of exercises to build that all-important muscle memory. And, as it’s all there within you, we just need to create ways for any student to discover this often-dormant ability.

Do I need different training if I sing in a group?

Just because you have a great singing voice doesn’t necessarily mean that you can blend with a group. There’s a difference between a group of people who just happen to be singing at the same time in the same place, and a group of singers that know how to blend and interact with their voices. Vocal training for groups goes beyond what’s needed for an individual voice and focuses on training for vocal blending, active listening habits, balancing your volume, and other skills needed to sing within a team.

Will you evaluate my singing?

As a Master Vocal Coach I need to personally evaluate any student in person, or at least via a video with a good and clear audio volume. I provide what is called “A Vocal Assessment” process. This is essential for building a good vocal training plan with any singer who comes for education and training with me. Thereafter, each lesson is carefully structured according to that training plan. Education + Experience = Excellence.

How do I meet you?

As I only take a maximum of 6 students per year, anyone who wishes to attend my classes must first audition towards the end of each year and if chosen must enroll for a minimum of one year.

Alternatively, my teachers and coaches in my School: ANUA SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS in Benoni is also a great place to begin your Singing or Performing Arts education – all syllabus and on-going classes are under my direct tutelage so you are guaranteed of professional classes in a great environment.

As another alternative, I also offer regular short online webinar classes which are growing in popularity and this is a good place to begin to understand what it takes to be a great singer.

Sign-up on this website or email us your details, or even make an appointment with my office so we can meet and discuss your vocal and performing arts education.

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