Know More About Nico..

At the age of 8 years, he performed as the lead singer and songwriter for an 80’s hit South African child pop band. Originally trained at a very young age by the late legendary South African born international Vocal & Opera Star, Eve Boswell, Nico performed with cover bands at many shows, weddings, church conferences and events during these formative years.
With an enthusiastic calling and deep passion for continued development of vocal and singing abilities, Nico continuously upgrades his skills by working with classes offered by international vocal coaches in order to be able to train students in the very best vocal and performance techniques utilized by today’s mega-performing artists.
As an experienced stage performer, dance teacher and ex-model his goal is to ensure that his students learn how to take their new-found skills to the highest potential so they can become masters of their stage and suggests that new students first meet with him on a one-to-one basis so they can accurately assess the correct approach for the chosen path that lies ahead.

Nico is currently busy studying his International Teachers Honours Diploma. Some of the Subjects for the Teachers Diploma he is studying include Psychology of Music, Developmental Psychology, Classroom Observation, Higher Assessment and Learning, Instrumental Teaching for Dyslexia , Stage & Performance work, Music Performance and Movement.


He is an Internationally recognised Vocal & Performing Arts Coach and in the last five years has worked with a multitude of young Rising Star Talent who have attended international talent conventions in the USA with some of them finding themselves performing in the international arena as well as impressing major talent scouts, casting agents and other industry professionals by receiving many call-backs and other accolades.

He focuses deeply on the developmental and psychological aspects of career building and educational growth to create the professional and artistic performance needs within each artist and student he works with.
Nico has also mastered playing a wide variety of Musical Instruments from all over the world which he collects during his regular international travel.  He plays 17 types of flute, classic and ethnic, piano, keyboards, drums, djembe, violin, saxophone and also guitar.


‘I would like to highly recommend Nico G to you as a music teacher for your children. Nico is a gifted voice and piano teacher. This community is extremely fortunate to have a music teacher of his caliber to teach talented children in this area.’

‘ Along with technical aspects of voice, Nico addresses performance techniques as well and these have been particularly helpful to my daughter. There is nothing like learning about performing from a master who performs himself. ‘

‘ I will never be able to thank Nico and his team for all they have done for me. I am looking forward to a great career thanks to – The Vocal Coach Nico. ‘